weekend moments

In an effort to share more snippets of my life with you all, I decided to share photos from my weekends every Monday (sorry it's late this week!). 

This past weekend I got out of the city with my mom and headed up the Hudson Valley to tour the Vanderbilt House in Hyde Park, NY. It was so great being out of the city and getting to experience fall in one of the prettiest places. I loved seeing all of the leaves changing along the river. It's hard to see signs of fall in the city (unless you venture to the parks) so it was great enjoying it in full force.

I also took full advantage of our extra hour of sleep and stayed in bed as much as possible this weekend. I caught up on sleep and started a new book - Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore. I was intially drawn to the cover artwork (after seeing it on Sarah's feed), but am loving the story so far as well!

images from my instagram - follow @anyeske