An Afternoon At Lonny

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon in the New York office of Lonny. It was a wonderful afternoon spent learning about the magazine and its beginnings, attending impromptu photoshoots and production meetings, and of course, lots of talk of home decor.

The afternoon started off with a long conversation with the lovely editorial assistant, Ellie Somerville. Check out her apartment feature in the current June/July issue (turn to page 144-145). She gave me a background on the magazine and how each issue gets put together. I got a sneak peek at the upcoming August/September issue, and let me tell you - LOTS of great stuff to check out! We chatted about how the team had stayed up late the night before turning the office into what I saw: a clean, organic space (which is still evolving). They had painted the wood floors a glossy black and the walls an airy pale blue, leaving the room with a light and inviting feel. Here are some of my favorite things they got from IKEA (and some other picks of mine):

1. Mandel Plant Pot, $14.99
2. Etsy, Simplyhue Umbrella Print, $20 (one of Michelle's favorites from June/July issue!)
3. Kulla Table Lamp in White, $49.99
4. Fejka Plants in Pots, $5.99
5. Sebastian Bar Stool in White, $49.99
6. Stornäs Dining Table, $199
7. Sveje Rug, Black/White, $12.99

Even though their office was still unorganized (for their standards), I thought the space was completely inspiring and exuded the Lonny style perfectly. Lots of little touches made the space feel welcoming, such as fabric samples from editor in chief Michelle Adams' eco textile line, Rubie Green, to the little glass bowls on everyone's desk to hold their business cards. Inspiration bulletin boards filled the space with visually stimulating imagery, colors, and textures.

After a small impromptu photoshoot, I joined Michelle, Ellie, and intern Caroline for a quick production meeting. This included rundowns of each feature and what still needed to be accomplished. Of course the meeting was not without interruptions to gush about their new obsessions (wish I could reveal but wait until August 10th-ish -- it'll be worth it!). The upcoming issue is going to be a great one and I can't wait to see the stunning homes that they traveled internationally to shoot!

A big thanks again to Michelle, Patrick, Ellie, and others for allowing me to stop by yesterday! I can't wait to see the new issue!