commodity goods

I've been following along with Commodity Goods since they launched and was so excited when they reached out to me to test out their line of perfumes. Their packaging is so beautiful, which is what initially attracted me to the brand, and I was happily surprised that their scents were just as good as their packaging.

Commodity Goods offers a fitting kit for $9 in both women's and men's scents (some of which overlap), so you can try the scents at home. It was so fun getting to try a new scent each day and their samples come in mini-sprayers so they are super easy to use. And, if you end up purchasing a full size bottle of one of their scents, they refund your $9!

I ended up choosing Magnolia, which has floral and dewy notes. It's a perfect scent to wear during the day or for a special occasion. I did have a hard time narrowing down the scents though - I loved so many of them! Some of my other favorites were: Moss, Gold, and Paper. I hope you'll try out their fitting kit and find your own favorite scent!