woven inspiration

I took my first weaving class my senior year of college (you can see some work here and here) and I immediately wished I had taken it earlier. I fell in love with the medium and found it to be such a welcomed change from my graphic design classes. The patterns and technical process appealed to my mathematical senses, while the creative freedom allowed me to step outside my creative box and relax. I've been eager to get back into it and finally purchased one of Maryanne Moodie's loom kits that comes with a loom and all the materials you need (email her if you're interested!). I cannot wait to get my hands on it and get back into weaving again! I've been really loving all of these neutral weavings that really focus on texture and changing patterns. 

1 + 2 by BrookandLyn / 3 + 4 by Sally England / 5 by Maryanne Moodie