Olive & June

At the very top of places to visit on my trip to LA was Olive & June, a nail salon that opened in August. The salon was founded by Sarah Gibson Tuttle who recognized a void in nail salons, and boy did she deliver. The space is so beautiful and simple, with every detail carefully thought out. I love that you can quickly book appointments online and they keep track of all your preferences, from nail shape to massage pressure. I ended up going with the classic June manicure, and it was the most meticulous manicure I've ever had (and is still perfect, 4 days later). I can't even begin to say how lovely the interior is - I want to move right in! I can truly say that this was by far the best nail salon experience I've had and I can't wait to go back in on my next trip in January!

top three pictures from Refinery29 / bottom two by me