let's hang some art

I'm finally starting to sort through the artwork I've accumulated and figure out what pieces I want to keep. I'm noticing that we have a lot of graphic pieces and very few photographic pieces, so I'm on the hunt for some photography prints to add to our collection. Here are a few I've been eyeing...


Next up - getting everything framed!

anchor ceramics

I stumbled across Anchor Ceramics by way of Lucy and fell in love with the simplicity of Bruce Rowe's pieces and his story. An architect by day, he spent years creating drawings and was inspired to turn them into ceramic tiles. Now, he makes dishware, tiles, and potter lamps (which I am obsessed with), all while continuing his job as an architect - super inspiring! Check out the full interview with Bruce here.

photos by Sean Fennessey and Scottie Cameron

steve back / hutt lagoon

I came across these stunning photos by Steve Back of Hutt Lagoon in Australia and can't stop staring at them. It's amazing to me that this exists in nature - beta carotene algae produces the pink color. The variations of red and pink and the geometric shapes are fascinating!

Thanks Amelia for introducing me to Steve's photography!

pennyweight goods

I'm so excited about the launch of Pennyweight Goods - a new shop by Elise from Pennyweight. The shop features limited-edition prints, released each month by different artists. I love this month's print by Oh My Deer, but (unsurprisingly) it has already sold out in one day! Be sure to join the email list to be notified about each month's edition!

kevin appel

I'm loving all of these collage works by Kevin Appel. The combination of photography, geometric shapes and pops of color are so interesting to me and make me want to create some of my own!