My obsession with delicate jewelry has now intensified after seeing the Fine by Dannijones collection.
The collection is a collaboration between the Dannijo sisters and Rashida Jones (girl crush alert) and offers various rings, charm necklaces, bracelets and earrings (the Elf ring is topping my wishlist). And make sure to check out this really cute vid with the girls!

I'm finally seeing The Grand Budapest Hotel tonight (!) and am even more excited after reading this awesome interview with the film's graphic prop designer, Annie Atkins. Wes Anderson's movies transport you into his worlds and the graphic designer plays such a vital role. It was so fascinating to read about all the little details that go into the film that you might not ever notice, but without them, the movie wouldn't feel as authentic. Talk about a dream job!

Lately I've been ditching my subscription to Pandora in favor of curated Spotify playlists. My current fave is
Mixtape No. 83 by Jessica Comingore - I've seriously had this on repeat for the past couple days. Girl has excellent taste in music!


P.S. trying this out as a new feature every Friday - let me know what you think!