dwell studio tag sale

This past weekend was the Dwell Studio tag sale and it was definitely the highlight of my weekend! We moved into our new apartment with almost no furniture except for in our bedroom so we're starting from scratch. I was excited to check out the sale but I thought I'd maybe find some bedding and call it a day. I ended up finding so many great things and all for extremely low prices! One of my favorite finds was the table which we are going to use for a dining table once we put a piece of glass on it. This was definitely the biggest score of the day–retails for $1500, we paid $300! The top of it is faux shagreen (stingray skin) which is so cool and unique! The rug was a spur of the moment decision–I was deciding between it and the Draper Stripe Rug but ultimately went with a little pop of color.

I was able to score a bunch of accessories I had been eying on their website including the Slanted Candleholders ($35) and the Gold Triangles Drinking Glasses ($15). I was on the hunt for the Draper Stripe sheet set in gray, but only found them in this coral colorway. They'll be a great back-up set to have on hand. I was at least able to snag a set of the shams in gray. (We're planning on getting this West Elm duvet + sheet set eventually).

I also grabbed these two decorative pillows (one / two). All of the pillows were $35 and I wish I had spent more time going through all of them (I was too busy guarding my table!). 

I'm so excited about all our purchases and I can't wait to show you more as the apartment evolves

(and we get more furniture)!