Weekly Vibe: Ocean Tides

Introducing a new weekly feature! My friend Stephanie and I are collaborating to bring you some fun color inspiration. Check out her post below and be sure to check out my product round-up over on Steph's blog!

Hey dreams + jeans readers! I'm Stephanie and I'm so excited to start this color collaboration with Alex! Each week we'll pick a color scheme we both like. Then, I'll take pictures based on the color scheme and post them on this blog and Alex will find products for your wardrobe and home based on the color scheme and post it on my blog! Sound cool? Cool. This week's color scheme (as you read in the title) was ocean tides. Here's what I found!

So there are a few things this week that reminded me of the colors of the ocean. I hope you all enjoyed!
P.S. This will be a weekly feature for as long as we can think of color schemes!