Spotlight: Matilda's Day

I am so excited to share today's spotlight with you! Matilda's Day is a hair accessory company created by Kate Vallon, a fellow Syracuse University design student (and good friend of a good friend). I first learned about Matilda's Day through my friend Cari and had the opportunity to meet Kate during her first trunk show this summer at Henri Bendel's. All of her hair accessories are hand-made and are completely stunning. The amount of time and work that goes into each piece truly shows and adds to its charm. Kate offers a wide selection of headbands and bobby pins.

Here is a little Q/A I had with Kate to give you more info on her & her company...

What made you choose to start Matilda's Day?
About 8 months ago, for fun, I started making my own hair accessories (headbands, bobby pins, etc.). I love wearing interesting hair pieces and with the garment district so close (since my move to NYC) I had a chance to create some really unique pieces. I started wearing them around and getting a lot of compliments and inquiries about purchasing them. Finally, one day when I was walking through Henri Bendel's in NYC one of the employees asked me about my headband, if I made others, and if I wanted to sell them at a trunk show! From there I created my company Matilda's Day.

Where did the name come from?
The name...hmm...the name was inspired by a special artifact in my life. The details can be discovered with a little more digging but its a secret as far as I am concerned :)

What has been your favorite moment since starting Matilda's Day?
On the last day of my first trunk show a woman came into Bendel's as the store was closing. She was turning 40 the next day and was feeling a little overwhelmed...She was just looking, and said she never wore headbands. She started trying them on for fun, then fell in love with my gold beaded headband and decided to splurge before her big day. She was so excited about the piece and about treating herself to something nice. Her mood shifted from apprehension to excitement as she saw herself with a new look and updated style; she was ready to take on her big birthday! It felt great to have influenced her new positive perspective.

Where do you find inspiration?
I am largely influenced by the fabrics and trims I see in the garment district. I usually walk in there with a plan and walk out with something completely different. Overall, my style is influenced by all things vintage and romantic. I like to keep things light and whimsical and I find that happens naturally when I see fabrics I love, and get excited about creating.

Kate is currently having another trunk show at Bendel's, which ends tomorrow. So if you're in the NYC area, feel free to drop in and check out Matilda's Day! And if you're not in the area, you can check out Kate's stuff on Etsy at