Shake Shack Round Two

I was wandering around with my friend, trying to decide where to eat dinner. It was starting to get late so we decided to test out the Shake Shack line. Even at 8:15 PM, the line was exceptionally long. But, we were both determined and we had no place else to be so we joined the back of the line. An hour later, we had shack burgers, fries, and sodas from the famous Shake Shack. And it definitely lived up to the hype. I almost wish it hadn’t so I wouldn’t get the urge to return (and have to wait in line again!). For those that don’t want to brave the long line, they do have a “B line” where you can get ice cream cones, concretes (like a milkshake but with toppings), sodas, and other small items. Unfortunately, no milkshakes, burgers, or fries can be had from the B line.