Friday Favorites 11/19

I apologize for the reoccuring absences around here, but I've had such a hectic semester and on top of that am dealing with a family emergency so I haven't been able to devote the time I'd like to my blog. But, I am heading out to Chicago for Thanksgiving break tomorrow so you can expect an increase in posts at least for the next week!

+ Sally Draper is all grown up

+ the behind the scenes video of Anna Bond from Rifle for the Gap Do What You Love campaign

+ the look of this cozy living room - perfect inspiration for a post-grad apartment (I could totally move in, it even has an A on the shelf & a Keep Calm poster)

+ Emily's under $100 gift guide - especially swooning over the grey Asos watch!

+ the announcement of Matchbook - I adore Katie and Fallon's blogs and am anxious to see the exciting work they are bound to produce!