Our Honeymoon Part 3: Florence

Part three of our honeymoon: Florence! We spent three days in Florence and stayed at Hotel Continentale. It was in a great central location that made exploring super easy. Similar to Rome, we had done the touristy stops on prior trips so we used our time to wander and explore. The hotel has a (small) rooftop bar with incredible views of Florence. Definitely recommend stopping to have a drink on the roof.


One of my favorite parts of Florence was visiting the original Santa Maria Novella Pharmacy located on Via della Scala. The building itself is so beautiful with incredible details like these embroidered cutout curtains. (Sidenote: I fell in love with embroidered curtains while in Italy and photographed them all.)


We especially loved the Santa Croce area and kept finding ourselves there. Highly recommend checking out Spigoli Terracotte on Via Sant'Egidio for terracotta and ceramic dinnerware. We absolutely loved our dinner at Cibreo—one of our favorites of the entire trip!

Sandwiches from All’Antico Vinaio are a must—you’ll wait in a long line but they are so worth it. Tip: There are two across the street from one another, both have the same things. We had dinner one night at Trattoria Sostanza and had their famous butter chicken—so delicious. We didn’t make it to La Giostra (pictured below) but it was high on our list of recommendations.


Another favorite spot in Florence is Desinare / Riccardo Barthel Design. Hard to describe, but it’s part interior design showroom, part cooking school, part shop. We got stuck here for awhile during a torrential downpour and it was heaven to explore. I loved walking around and noticing all the little details that make Italian homes feel so special. We purchased a few pieces of Richard Ginori porcelain, one of the oldest porcelain manufacturers in Italy. They had a nice collection of vintage Richard Ginori pieces, and I (of course) fell in love with a striped set that is sadly no longer in production. Their pieces are so special and I can’t wait to display them in a future home.

Desinare / Riccardo Barthel is located in a great area for walking around—lots of antique shops and boutiques along Via Maggio and Piazza de Pitti.


Here is part one of our honeymoon (Rome & our drive to Tuscany) and here is part two (Tuscany). Up next is our last and final stop—the Amalfi coast!

Summer Whites

Summer is in full swing with its long sunny days. I don’t know about you, but I always gravitate toward white during summer and can’t get enough of eyelet and lace details.


J.Crew Linen Shirt / The perfect summer shirt that goes with everything and never goes out of style. A linen shirt is a must in any summer wardrobe!

Catbird Pearl Hoops / I’ve been loving the small pearl trend and these dainty hoops are a good foray into it.

Nanushka Midi Dress / When it’s hot out, I gravitate toward easy dresses that don’t require a lot of thought. This one checks all the boxes and is so versatile.

Loeffler Randall Maya Tote / I’ve been coveting a woven leather bag for awhile and love the hint of the stripe lining on this one!

La Vie Rebecca Taylor Embroidered Blouse / Summer and embroidery go hand in hand in my eyes. I can never have enough!

& Other Stories Linen Blazer / I’ve been on the hunt for a white linen blazer to throw on at night and I love the detail of the tortoise buttons.

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne / The perfect summer scent—trust me!

Eres Aquarelle One Piece / I have this bathing suit in black and always reach for it. It’s such a classic silhouette and the white is so nice on sunkissed skin.

Madewell Perfect Vintage Short / White shorts have been on my wishlist for awhile and these feel like an amazing pair you found in a vintage shop.

Our Honeymoon Part 2: Tuscany

Part two of our honeymoon: Tuscany! We spent three nights in Tuscany and stayed at Borgo Pignano. I discovered this hotel when my friend Janelle stayed there and it far surpassed our expectations. My favorite part of the hotel was the main pool, which is carved out of limestone. It overlooks the most picturesque views of the Tuscan landscape—we couldn’t get enough.


Borgo Pignano has a main building and lots of little cottages and maisonettes to stay in. We ended up staying in Villa La Fonte, which is pictured above. The building itself was so sweet and for the majority of the time we had it to ourselves. If I were to do it again, I probably would have booked a room in the main building so we could be closer to the larger pool and have more privacy. I would recommend the Villa if you are traveling with a group of friends or family. It has it’s own little pool that they were just starting to fill with water when we stayed.


On our first full day in Tuscany, we spent the early part of the day exploring the property and lounging by the pool. After lunch we headed out to go wine tasting at Antinori nel Chianti Classico. The winery is housed in a very modern building and structure that is quite innovative and different from others you’ll find in the region. It essentially disappears into the Tuscan landscape, with vines covering the roof of each level.

After our time at Antinori, we headed to the hilltop town of Panzano for dinner. If you are a meat-lover, you cannot miss dinner at Officina della Bistecca. It’s a truly unique dining experience shared around a communal table.


The next day, we headed to San Gimignano to explore. It was definitely my favorite of the towns we visited as it is very charming and surrounded by views of rolling hills and vineyards. I loved popping in and out of the little shops filled with homewares made from olive wood and lots of table linens. We had a delicious lunch at Osteria Baccano—I had an amazing pizza with prosciutto and truffles.

After lunch we headed to another hilltop town: Ghizzano. It’s an extremely tiny town and we were there to do a wine tasting at Tenuta di Ghizzano. Our hotel set us up with a private tasting, which included a tour of the original estate. After climbing up numerous flights of stairs, we were led onto the roof, which had 360-degree views of all of Tuscany. It was truly breathtaking and we felt so grateful to experience such a special moment.

We made it back to Borgo Pignano in time to witness one of Tuscany’s golden sunsets. It literally looked like a painting!


We spent our final day in Tuscany exploring the area on a Vespa! It was a really cool and different way to explore the towns and see the landscape. We scootered all over, stopping in Monteriggioni and Castellina in Chanti before heading back to San Gimignano.

After a long day of exploring, we spent the remainder of the day poolside soaking up our final hours of Tuscany before heading to Florence.


See the first part of our honeymoon here and stay tuned for Florence!

Interior Envy: Sarah Bartholomew Showhouse

I’ve been following Sarah Bartholomew’s interiors for awhile and was excited to see that she was chosen to design a room at this year’s Kips Bay Showhouse in NYC. I got the chance to visit the showhouse before it closed at the end of May and Sarah’s room was by far my favorite.

I love how clean yet warm the room felt with a mix of shades of whites and natural textures—wood, straw, stone. I took an embarrassing amount of photos of her space and wanted to share with you…




Wynne Ware

I’m excited to introduce you to a favorite home shop of mine, Wynne Ware. I love adding vintage and unique pieces to our apartment and Maureen’s shop is curated with a beautiful mixture of old and new.

We selected a few pieces to add to our home and I wanted to share how I styled them…


Turning Tray in Black / Blue

Trays are so useful for making a space feel organized and put together. We have a few throughout our home to corral little things like candles, remotes, jewelry, etc. I love the versatility of this tray. The size works in many different places and it’s black on one side, light blue on the other so you can switch things up whenever your heart desires. Maureen also carries a similar tray in black and white.


Peter Karpf Gemini Candle Holder + Gemini Candles in Black

I’m having a moment with taper candles and I couldn’t resist this sculptural candleholder. I love how delicate it looks and the addition of a silver metal in our home. The black candles feel sophisticated and a bit unexpected.


Hand-Stitched Napkins

There is something so comforting about using a cloth napkin vs. paper and not to mention, a bit more environmentally friendly. I’ve been building up a small collection of napkins (including the ones from our wedding!) and I looove these natural ones so much. I wish you could feel how soft they are—they feel like they’ve been loved for many years. I’m thinking that hosting a small dinner party is in order to share these with friends!


Minimal Brass Candle Holder + Hand-Dipped Taper Candles

As stated above, currently having a moment with taper candles and Maureen sells the prettiest colors. These taupe and cream candles go perfectly with our decor and I love them paired with the minimal brass candle holders.

And now for a little Q+A with Maureen on Wynne Ware and her process:

1. What is your background and what led you to start Wynne Ware?

I grew up in a home of collectors so I was exposed to design through the eclectic mix of pieces my parents brought into our home. They instilled in me the importance of craftsmanship so every item in our home was well-made and substantial, even my bedroom furniture (even though I remember desperately wanting a red lacquer Ikea dresser in middle school!). My grandmother too had a great influence on me, bringing me along to garage sales and always finding the most unique objects at the best prices. This world sparked my passion for making old things new again. Continuing on that theme, in college I studied Art History at Berkeley. I worked in museums and galleries but after graduation I got a job at Google in their advertising department. I worked closely with small businesses who really inspired me with their entrepreneurial spirit and was able to get a solid understanding of business strategy. However, I knew deep down the corporate life wasn’t for me and after almost five years there I left to go out on my own without my next steps fully defined.  

Wynne Ware was created out of a genuine love for design and mixing old with new. I wanted to create a space that offers a seamless collection of interesting and well-made homewares that mixes past and present effortlessly and in a modern way.

2. How would you describe the Wynne Ware aesthetic?

Timeless. Feminine. Eclectic. Artistic.

I want the pieces be able to add interest to any home and be adopted into others’ aesthetics. I really think of home as a form of self-expression so I’d love for people to make the pieces their own. There are items in the collection for those who have a more subtle and minimal aesthetic as well as for the maximalist color enthusiast!

3. Where do you source the objects you carry?

All over! Over the years I’ve bookmarked designers who’ve caught my eye and when the idea to make Wynne Ware a reality began I started reaching out to many of them. I was pleasantly surprised with how encouraging and enthusiastic many of them were to be a part of my new business. Social media has also been a great place to find new pieces, since many designers use it as a portfolio. Word of mouth too -- the Bib & Sola line is actually my sister’s friend from grade school! I find many of the pieces during my travels and at antique stores, estate sales, local and international markets and fairs. I pretty much always have my eye out no matter where I am.

4. How do you decide what makes it into the shop?

My aim is to choose pieces that are truly unique, spark conversation, are made to last, and have an interesting story to tell -- whether it’s a vintage piece or newly designed. I hope the pieces will be a part of someone’s home for years, and perhaps even be passed down.

5. What is your favorite type of item to look for?

I like pieces that surprise me — either in how they look or how they’re made. For example, a few weeks ago I stumbled upon Hein Studio’s modular Ostrea candle holders and I was immediately captivated by their look and how they were a fresh new version of the stackable Nagel candle holders. I started talking with the designer, who is lovely, and learned more about her design process and how they’re made in Denmark. Or the ‘Tallow Candle’ which is inspired by traditional candle holders from the 1800s and made entirely from one piece of wax. Those are the types of items I really enjoying finding and carrying in our store.

I also love finding a unique vintage object, then learning when and where it was made and uncovering the beautiful marks, shades, and cracks that can only happen over time. Older objects carry a certain wisdom and finding them is a real treat.

6. Favorite sources of inspiration for home?

I’m a little bit of a book and magazine hoarder (I kept most of my college Art History books and find it very hard to recycle magazines) so I flip through many of those when I’m looking for inspiration. I enjoy Architectural Digest, C Magazine, I.D, and Cereal to name a few and have a folder of magazine cutouts of inspiration from over the years. Some of my recent favorite design books are - California Design (1930-1965)” and Modern Scandinavian Design.

I’ve been a huge fan of the French website, The Socialite Family, for a few years now — I find it endlessly inspiring and have gotten lost on the site for hours at a time. I love how their homes are not perfectly made up or thought out but a casual mix of designs, decades, colors, etc. I also love Passerbuys for the same reasons. In real life, I find inspiration visiting friends’ homes and staying in Airbnbs or homestays when we travel. I love getting a glimpse into someone’s home and seeing how people live in their spaces and what they choose to bring into their home -- there’s something quite intimate about it and inspiring to me.

P.S. Maureen wrote a little feature about me over on the Wynne Ware journal.

Photos by Jen Trahan

Currently Coveting No. 80

We leave for France this week and clearly my brain is focused on romantic dresses and lots of summery materials…


Reformation Marabella Dress / Once the temperatures warm up, I can’t get enough easy summer dresses and my style gets a tiny bit more feminine. I love the silhouette of this dress and it’s subtle floral pattern.

J.Crew Saltwater Sunglasses / I like to switch up my sunglasses come summer and like that these feel interesting, but not overly trendy.

Il Dolce Far Niente x Birkenstock / The day has finally come!! I’ve been waiting for these sandals to come out for months and months since Marie-Louise Scio announced the collab. They are more expensive than I was expecting, so if you’re wanting the look of raffia but not spend over $400, check out these, these tan sandals or these black fringe sandals. I also love the look of these faux croc Birkenstock-esque slides.

Solid & Striped Rachel Ribbed Bikini / I’ve been eyeing this suit—top and bottom—for a long time. There’s something about the colors mixed with the ribbing that is perfectly retro but still modern. It also comes in this cute top and high waisted bottom.

Clare V. Fannypack / I never thought I’d be eyeing a fannypack, but here we are. I’ve seen this bag on numerous people and after trying it on at the Clare V. store, it jumped high up on my wishlist! I love how it allows you to be hands-free.

Apiece Apart Canvas Pants / I already have two pairs of the Apiece Apart Merida pants (in black and green) and absolutely live in them. They are the perfect wide leg cropped pants—not too restrictive and are made of a really amazing material that makes them so comfortable. I’ve been eying some of their denim pairs and this white pair is perfect for summer. Also available in more sizes here. Everlane also has a similar pair, although you can’t beat the fit of the Apiece Apart pants.

DÔEN Piper Ruffled Dress / DOEN dresses make up the majority of my summer wardrobe. They just get them so right! I love all the pretty details on this one and can never say no to a white dress.

True Botanicals Deep Repair Eye Serum / I’ve been looking for an eye cream for awhile and am very intrigued by this serum after reading a lot of positive reviews about it.

P.S. Not featured above, but there’s an amazing sale on swim at J.Crew worth checking out! Their bathing suits are some of my favorite. I’m thinking about this gingham one-piece or this mixed gingham top & bottom. I have and love this one-piece and highly recommend it! So flattering and comfortable. Use code SHOPNOW for 40% off.


It’s crazy to think that come this fall, we have lived in our apartment for seven years (!). We’ve contemplated moving a handful of times, but we always end up staying because we love our neighborhood so much.

After so many years here, I’ve been slowly updating our home to make it feel fresh—adding new books, artwork or accessories—and have recently been focusing on our bedroom. We had been thinking about switching to linen sheets for awhile, especially as we head into summer. Enter MagicLinen!

A family-run business based in Europe, MagicLinen makes incredible linen textiles for your home. From sheet sets and duvets, pillows and bath towels, to table linens and napkins, everything is beautifully made out of high quality linen. We had such a hard time narrowing down what we wanted—they have so many amazing options.

After much deliberating, we decided to get their sheet set in optical white, shams in natural and a striped pillow cover. I love the pop of stripe against our otherwise neutral bed.

MagicLinen’s stonewashed linen is OEKO-TEX® certified, which means it is free of harmful chemicals (and therefore, extremely soft!). Each and every piece is handcrafted in a small family-run studio by professional highly skilled tailors.

I love being able to support brands that are not only investing in creating long-lasting, quality products, but are also doing so in a safer and healthier way.

Our favorite part of our new linen bedding is how well it regulates our temperature while we’re sleeping. Linen is a super breathable fabric that helps keep you cool in hot weather and warm in the winter. Our apartment can run quite warm (ah, the joys of NYC apartments), so this has been helping us sleep much more soundly. We also can’t get over how soft the bedding is! Right out of the box, it’s extremely luxurious feeling and keeps getting better and better.

Photos by Jen Trahan