Wynne Ware

I’m excited to introduce you to a favorite home shop of mine, Wynne Ware. I love adding vintage and unique pieces to our apartment and Maureen’s shop is curated with a beautiful mixture of old and new.

We selected a few pieces to add to our home and I wanted to share how I styled them…


Turning Tray in Black / Blue

Trays are so useful for making a space feel organized and put together. We have a few throughout our home to corral little things like candles, remotes, jewelry, etc. I love the versatility of this tray. The size works in many different places and it’s black on one side, light blue on the other so you can switch things up whenever your heart desires. Maureen also carries a similar tray in black and white.


Peter Karpf Gemini Candle Holder + Gemini Candles in Black

I’m having a moment with taper candles and I couldn’t resist this sculptural candleholder. I love how delicate it looks and the addition of a silver metal in our home. The black candles feel sophisticated and a bit unexpected.


Hand-Stitched Napkins

There is something so comforting about using a cloth napkin vs. paper and not to mention, a bit more environmentally friendly. I’ve been building up a small collection of napkins (including the ones from our wedding!) and I looove these natural ones so much. I wish you could feel how soft they are—they feel like they’ve been loved for many years. I’m thinking that hosting a small dinner party is in order to share these with friends!


Minimal Brass Candle Holder + Hand-Dipped Taper Candles

As stated above, currently having a moment with taper candles and Maureen sells the prettiest colors. These taupe and cream candles go perfectly with our decor and I love them paired with the minimal brass candle holders.

And now for a little Q+A with Maureen on Wynne Ware and her process:

1. What is your background and what led you to start Wynne Ware?

I grew up in a home of collectors so I was exposed to design through the eclectic mix of pieces my parents brought into our home. They instilled in me the importance of craftsmanship so every item in our home was well-made and substantial, even my bedroom furniture (even though I remember desperately wanting a red lacquer Ikea dresser in middle school!). My grandmother too had a great influence on me, bringing me along to garage sales and always finding the most unique objects at the best prices. This world sparked my passion for making old things new again. Continuing on that theme, in college I studied Art History at Berkeley. I worked in museums and galleries but after graduation I got a job at Google in their advertising department. I worked closely with small businesses who really inspired me with their entrepreneurial spirit and was able to get a solid understanding of business strategy. However, I knew deep down the corporate life wasn’t for me and after almost five years there I left to go out on my own without my next steps fully defined.  

Wynne Ware was created out of a genuine love for design and mixing old with new. I wanted to create a space that offers a seamless collection of interesting and well-made homewares that mixes past and present effortlessly and in a modern way.

2. How would you describe the Wynne Ware aesthetic?

Timeless. Feminine. Eclectic. Artistic.

I want the pieces be able to add interest to any home and be adopted into others’ aesthetics. I really think of home as a form of self-expression so I’d love for people to make the pieces their own. There are items in the collection for those who have a more subtle and minimal aesthetic as well as for the maximalist color enthusiast!

3. Where do you source the objects you carry?

All over! Over the years I’ve bookmarked designers who’ve caught my eye and when the idea to make Wynne Ware a reality began I started reaching out to many of them. I was pleasantly surprised with how encouraging and enthusiastic many of them were to be a part of my new business. Social media has also been a great place to find new pieces, since many designers use it as a portfolio. Word of mouth too -- the Bib & Sola line is actually my sister’s friend from grade school! I find many of the pieces during my travels and at antique stores, estate sales, local and international markets and fairs. I pretty much always have my eye out no matter where I am.

4. How do you decide what makes it into the shop?

My aim is to choose pieces that are truly unique, spark conversation, are made to last, and have an interesting story to tell -- whether it’s a vintage piece or newly designed. I hope the pieces will be a part of someone’s home for years, and perhaps even be passed down.

5. What is your favorite type of item to look for?

I like pieces that surprise me — either in how they look or how they’re made. For example, a few weeks ago I stumbled upon Hein Studio’s modular Ostrea candle holders and I was immediately captivated by their look and how they were a fresh new version of the stackable Nagel candle holders. I started talking with the designer, who is lovely, and learned more about her design process and how they’re made in Denmark. Or the ‘Tallow Candle’ which is inspired by traditional candle holders from the 1800s and made entirely from one piece of wax. Those are the types of items I really enjoying finding and carrying in our store.

I also love finding a unique vintage object, then learning when and where it was made and uncovering the beautiful marks, shades, and cracks that can only happen over time. Older objects carry a certain wisdom and finding them is a real treat.

6. Favorite sources of inspiration for home?

I’m a little bit of a book and magazine hoarder (I kept most of my college Art History books and find it very hard to recycle magazines) so I flip through many of those when I’m looking for inspiration. I enjoy Architectural Digest, C Magazine, I.D, and Cereal to name a few and have a folder of magazine cutouts of inspiration from over the years. Some of my recent favorite design books are - California Design (1930-1965)” and Modern Scandinavian Design.

I’ve been a huge fan of the French website, The Socialite Family, for a few years now — I find it endlessly inspiring and have gotten lost on the site for hours at a time. I love how their homes are not perfectly made up or thought out but a casual mix of designs, decades, colors, etc. I also love Passerbuys for the same reasons. In real life, I find inspiration visiting friends’ homes and staying in Airbnbs or homestays when we travel. I love getting a glimpse into someone’s home and seeing how people live in their spaces and what they choose to bring into their home -- there’s something quite intimate about it and inspiring to me.

P.S. Maureen wrote a little feature about me over on the Wynne Ware journal.

Photos by Jen Trahan

Currently Coveting No. 80

We leave for France this week and clearly my brain is focused on romantic dresses and lots of summery materials…


Reformation Marabella Dress / Once the temperatures warm up, I can’t get enough easy summer dresses and my style gets a tiny bit more feminine. I love the silhouette of this dress and it’s subtle floral pattern.

J.Crew Saltwater Sunglasses / I like to switch up my sunglasses come summer and like that these feel interesting, but not overly trendy.

Il Dolce Far Niente x Birkenstock / The day has finally come!! I’ve been waiting for these sandals to come out for months and months since Marie-Louise Scio announced the collab. They are more expensive than I was expecting, so if you’re wanting the look of raffia but not spend over $400, check out these, these tan sandals or these black fringe sandals. I also love the look of these faux croc Birkenstock-esque slides.

Solid & Striped Rachel Ribbed Bikini / I’ve been eyeing this suit—top and bottom—for a long time. There’s something about the colors mixed with the ribbing that is perfectly retro but still modern. It also comes in this cute top and high waisted bottom.

Clare V. Fannypack / I never thought I’d be eyeing a fannypack, but here we are. I’ve seen this bag on numerous people and after trying it on at the Clare V. store, it jumped high up on my wishlist! I love how it allows you to be hands-free.

Apiece Apart Canvas Pants / I already have two pairs of the Apiece Apart Merida pants (in black and green) and absolutely live in them. They are the perfect wide leg cropped pants—not too restrictive and are made of a really amazing material that makes them so comfortable. I’ve been eying some of their denim pairs and this white pair is perfect for summer. Also available in more sizes here. Everlane also has a similar pair, although you can’t beat the fit of the Apiece Apart pants.

DÔEN Piper Ruffled Dress / DOEN dresses make up the majority of my summer wardrobe. They just get them so right! I love all the pretty details on this one and can never say no to a white dress.

True Botanicals Deep Repair Eye Serum / I’ve been looking for an eye cream for awhile and am very intrigued by this serum after reading a lot of positive reviews about it.

P.S. Not featured above, but there’s an amazing sale on swim at J.Crew worth checking out! Their bathing suits are some of my favorite. I’m thinking about this gingham one-piece or this mixed gingham top & bottom. I have and love this one-piece and highly recommend it! So flattering and comfortable. Use code SHOPNOW for 40% off.


It’s crazy to think that come this fall, we have lived in our apartment for seven years (!). We’ve contemplated moving a handful of times, but we always end up staying because we love our neighborhood so much.

After so many years here, I’ve been slowly updating our home to make it feel fresh—adding new books, artwork or accessories—and have recently been focusing on our bedroom. We had been thinking about switching to linen sheets for awhile, especially as we head into summer. Enter MagicLinen!

A family-run business based in Europe, MagicLinen makes incredible linen textiles for your home. From sheet sets and duvets, pillows and bath towels, to table linens and napkins, everything is beautifully made out of high quality linen. We had such a hard time narrowing down what we wanted—they have so many amazing options.

After much deliberating, we decided to get their sheet set in optical white, shams in natural and a striped pillow cover. I love the pop of stripe against our otherwise neutral bed.

MagicLinen’s stonewashed linen is OEKO-TEX® certified, which means it is free of harmful chemicals (and therefore, extremely soft!). Each and every piece is handcrafted in a small family-run studio by professional highly skilled tailors.

I love being able to support brands that are not only investing in creating long-lasting, quality products, but are also doing so in a safer and healthier way.

Our favorite part of our new linen bedding is how well it regulates our temperature while we’re sleeping. Linen is a super breathable fabric that helps keep you cool in hot weather and warm in the winter. Our apartment can run quite warm (ah, the joys of NYC apartments), so this has been helping us sleep much more soundly. We also can’t get over how soft the bedding is! Right out of the box, it’s extremely luxurious feeling and keeps getting better and better.

Photos by Jen Trahan

Our Honeymoon Part 1: Rome + Road Trip to Tuscany

Now that the wedding posts are up, time to move onto the honeymoon!

Photo May 29, 10 24 45 AM.jpg

Right after our wedding, we went away for a few nights to Santa Barbara and postponed our actual honeymoon until May. This worked perfectly for us — planning a cross-country wedding was such a huge undertaking for us and we wanted to make sure we spent adequate time planning such a big trip.

For our honeymoon, we tossed around so many different places and ultimately decided to go to Italy and spend time in Rome, Tuscany, Florence and the Amalfi Coast. We had both done the major cities / tourist thing back in college and wanted this trip to be all about relaxing and spending time together.

We took a redeye from New York to Rome and checked into our hotel, Palazzo Dama. After freshening up from our flight, we had a leisurely breakfast on their patio next to the pool. We didn’t have enough time in Rome to enjoy the pool, but it felt like such a luxury to be at a hotel with a pool in a major city!

Photo May 30, 1 52 05 AM.jpg
Photo May 29, 11 54 09 AM.jpg
Photo May 30, 9 45 10 AM.jpg
Photo May 29, 12 04 40 PM.jpg

With only 24 hours in Rome, we decided to spend the majority of our time walking around and eating. We started by exploring the area around Villa Borghese, Villa Medici and the surrounding gardens. Our first gelato stop was at the famed Giolitti and it did not disappoint! After our gelato break, we made our way over to Armando Al Pantheon for lunch, which was incredible. I’m glad we were able to make it in before they closed for the hours between lunch and dinner.

After an afternoon nap, we headed over to the neighborhood of Trastevere and just wandered around, taking in all of the beautiful buildings and blooming jasmine. We were supposed to have dinner at Roscioli Salumeria (which I’ve heard is amazing), but after a mix-up with our reservation, they wouldn’t seat us. To say I was incredibly disappointed is an understatement and after a few tears, we ended up at a random restaurant.

Photo May 29, 1 08 00 PM.jpg
Photo May 29, 4 07 36 PM.jpg
Photo May 29, 1 44 23 PM.jpg
Photo May 29, 1 52 25 PM.jpg
Photo May 29, 1 37 20 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 28, 9 33 42 PM.jpg
Photo May 29, 7 19 21 PM.jpg
Photo May 29, 1 38 01 PM.jpg

The next morning we picked up our rental car and headed off on a day long road trip to Tuscany. So many people told us to take the train and not drive, but because we knew we’d be training later from Florence > Naples, we wanted to do the drive. Plus we both love a good road trip. Conde Nast Traveler had coincidentally just published a piece all about driving from Florence to Rome, which we used to help plan our stops. As expected, we ended up LOVING the drive and it was one of our favorite days. It was so much fun to be able to stop anywhere we wanted and truly explore the countryside.

Photo May 30, 8 41 44 AM.jpg
Photo May 30, 3 14 41 PM.jpg

Our first stop outside of Rome was in the town of Orvieto to see its famed black and white striped Duomo from the 14th century. It completely took our breath away and was so cool to explore. I joked that if I were a Duomo, I would be this one. We had lunch in town at Trattoria dell’ Orso, followed by some gelato of course.

Photo May 30, 7 47 20 AM.jpg
Photo May 30, 2 09 45 PM.jpg
Photo May 30, 12 19 41 PM.jpg

Continuing on our drive, we meandered through the towns of Chianciano and Montepulciano. As we were driving we saw an incredible villa up on a hill, which turned out to be a winery called Palazzo Massaini. We decided to stop and had our own private tasting—we were the only people on the property! They let us explore the grounds a bit and then we hopped back in the car.

Photo May 30, 4 37 38 PM.jpg
Photo May 30, 5 59 14 AM.jpg

We ended up making it to Siena just before sunset and made the hike up to their famed Duomo. This was my first time in Siena and it completely lived up to the hype. We had dinner outside at Enoteca I Terzi and loved sitting under the stars once it got dark.

Photo May 30, 6 29 15 PM.jpg
Photo May 30, 6 51 44 PM.jpg
Photo May 30, 6 40 35 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 14, 9 47 27 PM.jpg
Photo May 30, 12 36 48 PM.jpg
Photo May 30, 7 53 25 PM.jpg

Up next: our time in Tuscany at Borgo Pignano!


I seriously can’t believe this week marks the beginning of May! This year is flyingggg but I’m not complaining because summer is nearly here. Our trip to the south of France is in a little over two weeks and I can’t wait for it to get here!


Chris Burch’s historic Parisian home, as featured in this month’s issue of Architectural Digest. I fell in love with more “traditional” fabrics & techiniques while interning for Michelle R. Smith last summer and have so much more appreciation for the level of detail that goes into it. The restoration work and decoration to Burch’s house, done by Michael Pinet in partnership with Marco Scarani, makes my heart skip a beat!

I’ve been using Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum every morning and have been loving the extra bit of glow and moisture it gives my skin. I’m really impressed with their products and have become a big fan of theirs. Some of my other favorites include this face mist, this night cream and this hair/body oil (which is quickly becoming my signature scent!).

Every single piece from the new gauze collection by Mille! A collection of dresses and tops that are exactly what you want to be wearing from now through the end of summer.

I recently came across a new designer, Marge Sherwood on Moda Operandi and was immediately drawn to all of the croc embossed leather bags. Might have to get this for my fall bag…

We’ve been slowly making updates to our apartment over the last few months and I’m excited to be partnering with Magic Linen to freshen up our bedding. Stay tuned to see more!

I recently purchased this olive one-piece from J.Crew and found it to be so flattering! Their swimsuits are some of my favorites and I’m now considering this gingham one-piece.

Our Wedding: Ceremony + Reception

Last, but certainly not least, breaking down our wedding ceremony and reception! Sorry (not sorry) for all of the photos…



I absolutely loved designing all of our paper goods for the day. I printed everything with my favorite printer, Kristine at Presshaus LA. She is a dream to work with and helped bring my vision to life!


The Ceremony

It was so important to us that our ceremony feel personal and reflect our personalities and beliefs, and that our officiant be someone we had a personal connection with. We immediately thought of my older brother and felt so honored when he accepted the job as our officiant. We gave him some general guidelines and wrote a few portions of our ceremony, but he really blew us away with the personal reflections and stories he added. He did such a great job that people even asked if he did it for a living - ha!

We aren’t very religious, but Grant’s side of the family is Jewish so we decided to incorporate a few Jewish traditions - the breaking of the glass and the Horah at the reception. We had two readings during our ceremony. The first reading was actually a portion of a Bruce Springsteen song, “If I Should Fall Behind, and the second reading was a poem titled “I Can’t Promise You”. Both were read by two of our closest friends and were so special.

Another thing that was important to us was to write our own vows. We knew it was going to be a daunting task, but in the end, so so worth it. To make sure we didn’t outdo one another’s, we set up a little formula that allowed us each some room to personalize, but still have some common parts. There were lots of tears and laughter when we read them to each other. Being from opposite coasts, it meant the world to us to have family and friends come from all over to celebrate with us. 



Our venue had such an incredible built-in Italian vibe, full of beautiful natural elements. I really wanted our decor to be minimal and build off of the existing beauty. We had a mix of wood tables and covered tables, all united by the same oatmeal linens.

For flowers, I wanted them to be informal, the way you would do for your own backyard dinner party. Lots of little vessels on each table held a few stems each of olive, black & white anemones, white dahlias and chocolate cosmos (my favorite element!).

We opted to make all of our own linen napkins, inspired by my friend Molly. We sourced linen from the LA fabric market and are so thankful to our family & friends who made all of the napkins. And now we have a lifetime supply of napkins ;)


food & drink

We originally set out to do a typical wedding dinner (salmon, chicken, filet), but kept debating it. After seeing a wedding that served In ‘n’ Out burgers, we realized food was something we could inject our personality into.

We decided to scrap our original plan and went with pizza and pasta, which are some of our favorite foods. We were a little worried how it would go over with our guests, but everyone LOVED it! Everyone said it was exactly what they wanted to be eating.

We got engaged at Wölffer Estate in the Hamptons and bought a few bottles of their rosé for Grant and I to drink. It was so special to have wine from the year and vineyard we got engaged in. For dessert, we had a small cake (mostly as a photo opp) and then served ice cream sandwiches, which were a HUGE hit as well.


the reception

We had our first dance to “Let’s Be Still” by The Head and The Heart, one of our favorite bands. It was the perfect song to savor the moment and really take everything in. The Horah was a non-negotiable for us - it’s always been one of our favorite parts of weddings. It was the absolute best way to start the party and get everyone dancing. Not pictured: Grant almost being dropped from his chair.

All four of our parents (both sets are divorced) gave incredible toasts, as well as Grant’s brother and two of my bridesmaids. I danced with my with my dad to "She's On Her Way" by Phil Vassar. We ended up dancing to the entire song and I don't think there was a dry eye in the place.


I hope you enjoyed getting to see all the little details and moments from our day!

All photos by Shannen Natasha

To see more about our wedding: The Venue + Decor, Getting Ready

Currently Coveting No. 79

We’ve finally started having some beautifully warm and sunny weather and I’m in full spring mode now! We finalized our trip to the South of France in May and I’ve been dreaming up my packing list…


Fella Swim Soloman Top & Dante Bottom / I saw this bikini on instagram and it immediately shot to the top of my summer wishlist! I love the tiny floral pattern in golden honey.

Bembien Isla Bag / Bembien’s newest collection is so beautiful. I’ve been coveting the Isla Bag for months and am looking forward to toting it around all spring & summer!

J.Crew Scoopneck Beach Top / I can’t get enough breezy tops and I’m wanting this easy piece in both white and navy.

H&M Floral Midi Skirt / Every spring I look for a simple skirt to pair with a white tee and Vans - this year I think I found the perfect one! Plus, this one’s $30.

Doen Valentin Pant / In an effort to not wear jeans every single day, I just purchased these pants from Doen and am anxiously awaiting their arrival! I have a feeling I’ll be wearing them constantly.

Loeffler Randall Eveline Sandals / These simple sandals are currently on their way to me! These will pair perfectly with everything. More sizes here and here.

Conversations with Friends / I’ve been hearing amazing reviews of this book and can’t wait to read it!

& Other Stories Tapered Mid Rise Jeans / Last year I bought a pair of ecru / cream jeans and they changed my life! I seriously reach for them all the time, year-round. I love this pair from & Other Stories and am also eyeing this icy blue pair.

Mango Check Dress / Still not over gingham. Sign me up for this easy linen dress.