interior envy: the dean hotel

The boutique hotel is having quite a day. It seems like more and more uniquely designed, well thought-out hotels are popping up and I couldn't be more thrilled. I now have a list of places to visit, not only because of the city, but because I want to check out these hotels. These spots aren't just a place to sleep, but whole experiences and attractions themselves. 

My newest find: The Deal Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island (thanks to Liz!). Not only is the hotel designed with beautiful interiors infused with the perfect amount of traditional details, it also has some standout branding and witty copywriting. There's nothing better than a business not taking itself too seriously. P.S. they also have a killer instagram!

Here are some other hotels I've stayed at and others I hope to one day visit...

Austin, TX — Hotel San Jose; Hotel Saint Cecilia

Ojai, CA — Ojai Rancho Inn

Los Angeles, CA — The Ace Hotel DowntownThe Line Hotel

Palm Springs, CA — The Ace Hotel & Swim Club; Korakia Pensione; The Parker; The Sagauro

Los Alamos, CA — The Alamo Motel

Nashville, TN — The 404 Hotel

Phoenica, NY — The Graham & Co.

New York, NY — The Wythe Hotel; The Marlton Hotel

Miami, FL — The Standard Spa

Let me know some of your favorites — I'd love to add to my list!

the graham & co.


I had mentioned this summer that we were spending a couple of days at The Graham & Co., and am finally getting around to posting photos from our amazing stay. Let me tell you, we had the best time. The Graham is a boutique hotel located in Phonecia, a small town in the Catskills region of New York. It's a quick drive from the city and you are immediately transported into a relaxed mindset the minute you get there. I can't recommend it enoughwe were already planning our next visit before we left!

The hotel itself is minimally designed but also so well thought out. They have everything you need and they even have a little shop inside their reception area. I was obsessed (and impressed!) with all their branded goods from sweatshirts to blankets to fragrances—they had it all.

We spent the majority of our time floating on those giant beanbags in the pool (the best pool float I've ever encountered btw), but we did manage to leave for meals and to take a short hike nearby. Here are our recommendations:

Sweet Sue's — Go here for an incredible pancake breakfast. We were told it was a can't-miss but unfortunately Sue was on vacation while we were there.

Phoenica Diner — Another great breakfast option. Classic diner fare.

Brio's — Delicious pizza, only a short walk from The Graham. Grab a pizza and some wine and bring it back to eat al fresco.

Peekamoose — An upscale restaurant about 12 miles from The Graham. It's run by the same people behind The Gramercy Tavern in NYC.

Kaaterskill Falls — A short and easy hike nearby to a waterfall.

A few more tips:
Rooms book up quickly, but if you follow them on twitter, they often post about cancellations.
This trip is totally doable without a car. You can take a Trailways bus that drops you a short walk from The Graham!


I am taking next week off from the blog and taking a much needed trip to some SUNSHINE! Follow me on instagram to keep up with my travels! Have a wonderful weekend and week! 

P.S. I wish I was going somewhere as amazing as in this photo...

destination: chile

I've never even thought about traveling to Chile, but after hearing about Rashi's amazing trip and seeing Jamie's photos, it's jumped to the top of my travel list. And how incredible does the Tierra Patagonia Hotel look? I think I'd do just fine there - in fact it looks like I could probably just live there forever judging by the interiors! Where are you hoping to visit next? I'm anxious to travel outside the US this year!

top photo by Rashi Birla / hotel photos by Jamie Beck


Over the winter holidays, we ended up back in LA for a few days and while we were there, I decided to surprise G with an overnight trip to Ojai for his birthday. I booked us a room at the Ojai Rancho Inn, which we absolutely loved and could not recommend more. The rooms were very cozy and my favorite part was the bikes they let you borrow to ride around town. There's a great bike trail that follows the main road and you can bike to pretty much everything! I was hoping to see one of Ojai's famous sunsets (where the sky turns incredible shades of pink), but sadly it was too cloudy the night we were there. It's a sleepy little town, but such a relaxing place to visit. It's a short drive from LA but feels so far away. We definitely have plans on going back!

A few recommendations (found via Jessie and Janelle):

Ojai Rancho Inn - cute boutique motel right on main road
Ojai Valley Inn & Spa - upscale hotel with beautiful grounds & spa 

Knead Baking Co. - amazing bakery with sandwiches, bagels, salads, etc. (we ate here twice!)
Osteria Monte Grappa - delicious Italian food 

Bart's Books - a very special & unique bookstore
Modern Folk Living - beautifully curated home decor shop
Shop Summer Camp -  a cool shop with vintage camping decor & interesting finds
Meditation Mount - best place in town to watch the famous sunsets 

NYC + LA Recommendations

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed that I've been posting an obscene amount of restaurants, shops and sights in New York and Los Angeles. 1. Sorry for the onslaught. 2. But really: you're welcome. Sarah invited me to help pin favorite places in NYC on her board and I am mildly addicted to it. This is my first time using the Pinterest mapping feature and I love it! You can follow our NYC board here and I also started a board for LA that you can follow here! Happy exploring!

Also, how cool are these tables? (You're welcome, again.)

NY image / LA image taken by me